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When you are hit with a traffic ticket, it is vital you consult with a Baltimore ticket defense attorney in order to understand your options. You do not just have to pay the ticket and suffer the penalties. With the help of knowledgeable legal counsel, you can fight to avoid the potentially severe consequences, such as heavy fines, loss of license and even imprisonment. The specifics of your case may supply cause to have it dismissed or resolved without incident, or the penalties issued reduced. This can save tremendous trouble in your life, for your family, with your finances and your career.

Our firm offers comprehensive legal assistance tailored to meet your situation and needs, all at reasonable rates to allow you to access the help you need. Areas with which we commonly assist include:

Know Your Rights
In order to protect yourself from becoming an unnecessary victim of the criminal justice system, MVA procedures or punitive actions, it is vital you fully understand your legal rights and options. We can enlighten you on these matters so that you can make informed decisions and together we can fight see that your rights are upheld.

Why a Traffic Ticket Attorney?
Having a traffic ticket attorney represent you when you are faced with criminal and civil actions can make all the different to the outcome of your case. Experienced legal counsel has a thorough knowledge of your rights, the options available to you and the best way of avoiding the potentially far-reaching consequences of your ticket.

Commercial Drivers
As a commercial driver, the loss of your license can cause devastating effects. Being unable to drive, you have no way to earn an income, provide for your family and take care of yourself. Our firm can take strategic action designed to prevent this from occurring and so protect your livelihood.

MVA Hearings
When you are ticketed for a traffic violation, you may face consequences in the criminal courts as well as civil judgments that result in the loss of your license. You have the right to request a hearing to contest this and having a skilled attorney represent you can mean all the difference when it comes to your driving privileges.

Drivers' License Restoration
If your license has already been suspended or revoked, we can review your case for opportunities to have it restored. Options will vary depending on your circumstances but our firm can identify the best way to go about getting your license back as soon as possible.

Driving Without a License
If you are caught driving without a valid license, you face the possibility of jail time. Our firm will aggressively challenge the prosecution on all possible issues and fight for your freedom. Making a mistake should not result in the burden of a criminal record that can follow you throughout your life. We will fight to protect you from this.

Driving on a Revoked License
Driving on a revoked license is a serious offense. If you are caught driving on a revoked license you can face heavy fines, jail time and a permanent criminal record. It would be well worth your time to fight these charges and, in many cases, a successful outcome can be reached.

DWI/DUI can carry severe penalties including fines, imprisonment, loss of license, probation, community service, mandatory rehabilitation programs and more. Penalties become more severe for a second, third or fourth offense. In some cases, this may be charged as a felony. Hard-hitting legal representation is imperative if you wish to protect your freedom and your future.

Many DWI/DUI cases revolve around your blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of arrest. Our firm can review the breath, blood or other tests that were used to determine this and may find facts which render this evidence against you inadmissible or case doubt as to its accuracy. This may then result in a dismissal or acquittal.

Moving Violations
Moving violations can result in fines, the loss of your license and a significant increase in your insurance costs. It is worth fighting your ticket in court if you have a seasoned attorney who knows how to make the most of your legal options and protect your rights.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Leaving the scene of an accident, otherwise know as a hit and run, refers to when a driver is in an accident and flees the scene. Even when the driver is not at fault but flees the scene, he or she is breaking the law and face serious criminal penalties. You have every right to hire an attorney and defend yourself against such allegations. Having the right attorney involved can make all the difference in the outcome of your traffic case.

Points on License
When a certain number of points accrue on your license, it can be automatically suspended or revoked. It is therefore in your best interest to avoid any assignment of points whenever possible. Our firm can review your case for any ways in which your charges can be reduced or the matter can be dismissed, and so lessen or entirely prevent these points against your license.

Speeding Tickets
When you receive a speeding ticket, making no effort to pursue a positive outcome and simply paying your fine can have disastrous results. You may lose your license and have your insurance premiums increase substantially. Having an experienced attorney exercise their knowledge of the law, your legal options and the relevant processes can have a significant, positive impact on your future.

Suspended Licenses
Suspended licenses can occur as a result of too many points accruing against your license or as a direct penalty for certain offenses. Our firm is well-versed in the avenues available to avoid this outcome and will fight relentlessly for your rights. If you are caught driving with a suspended license, we can also aggressively defend you against the potentially severe consequences.

Traffic Accidents
The ramifications of traffic accidents cover a broad spectrum and depend on the value of damage done to property, if anyone was injured or killed, and whether or not there are aggravating circumstances such as drunk driving. Amongst other consequences, you may lose your license and face fines and even imprisonment. We can help you in the fight against this.

Toll Violations
Failing to pay a toll when you pass through a toll facility can result in a ticket and significant fines. The registration of your vehicle may also be suspended and your ability to register may be affected long-term if you are deemed a repeat offender. For help saving yourself from the financial and civil consequences, contact our firm.

Uninsured Driver
If you have been involved in an accident as an uninsured driver, all is not necessarily lost. We can investigate the specific circumstances to identify all available legal options to avoid license suspension or other serious consequences.

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Attorney Adam Smallow and his firm can assist you through your entire traffic matter, not only in the courtroom but also as it extends to the MVA and any actions that may be taken against your license. Our firm will offer a practical assessment of how best to approach your case and our team is always available for legal assistance. Contact a Baltimore ticket defense attorney for help with all your traffic matters and avoiding the potential consequences involved.